Jim had a great first week of introducing the Brown Chicken brown Cow brand to makor off-premise locations this week!  The phrase of the week? "No one has turned them down!"  It goes to show what a great, unique product our mushrooms are!  Thank you to everyone who loves our mushrooms!  We are working hard to get retail locations close to your home!  have a great weekend!
Brown Chicken Brown Cow had humble beginnings!  We have allowed the company to grow organically over the past two years which has been a good strategic plan for our start up.  This year we decided that it was time to get our mushrooms into the hands of more marinated mushroom fans!  We hired our first salesman Jim Kaas who started this week and he has been busy making connections with our current customers as well as establishing off-premise locations so you can get the mushrooms you love closer to home!  Keep checking back on our wensite to see the new locations popping up daily!  Also like us on facebook!  I will try to keep the blog updated for all of you who are as excited to see the business really taking off.  These are mushrooms to watch!  Happy Shrooming!
Check out all of our new locations and find a retail location nearest you!
BCBC is preparing for our first major food show with Dierks Waukesha Foods in Green Bay and Milwaukee next week!  We are excited to showcase our products to retail locations and the food industry!
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